Thursday, November 30, 2023

RG 23

So after a couple years of renting in Ohio with a plan to escape to the wife apparently performed a seance, hypnotized me and we bought a charming 100 yr old bungalow with a great porch and lots of potential. So here we are, better or worse. I promptly hurt my back and bruised ribs during backyard reno and a subsequent fall...barely recovering enough to throw together a combo of old props, rushed and half finished new...and pared down the original plan almost get what we see here. I learned some harsh lessons and have maybe settled on a framework to build upon ever so slightly each year...though I may take next year off. Whatever the case we had hundreds of kids in the short time allotted...and were assured that it was amazing and unlike anything the neighborhood had ever seen. So we'll take it, retool, rebuild, rethink...and see where it goes. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, thanks for looking!